Sunday, June 24, 2012

My first summer with a toddler!

It has been quite some time since I actually sat down to write a post. Life got in the way! Things have been busy, busy, busy in the past few months. I still can't believe I have a one year old. He is the neatest little person I have ever known and I love him more than words can say. Each day he learns something new and it always brings a smile to my face. He is quite the handsome little guy too! There is too much that has happened in the past few months to update everything, so I'll just start fresh and start writing about our summer events and activities.

I took Eric to the pool yesterday and that was only his second time at a public pool. He was either intimidated or overly tired. Either way, he clung to my side the entire time. He actually sat on my lap with his head against my chest, which is something he never does! I soaked it all in, because he is usually just too busy for cuddles with momma right now. He splashed in the water from my lap and seemed content just doing that. We played for about an hour and then headed home to see Ryan. Last night we played with the sidewalk chalk and he thought that was just awesome! He spent most of his time trying to put the chalk back in the package and giving the sticks a taste test. He was covered in the bright colors, but was a happy, dirty little boy.

Today, we stayed inside most of the day due to it being so hot and humid. We did venture out for just a bit to pick him up a Cozy Coupe. We'll get that all cleaned up tomorrow so he can start playing in it. Well, I promise to start updating this a little more often again. I'll end this with just a few pictures from yesterday, Until next time!

First time trying watermelon

Making silly faces for mommy

Hmmm... what are these?!?

He loved trying to carry them all at once.

I thought I should taste them too...

Daddy helped him color


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eric's Valentine's Day Photos

A friend of ours took some pictures of Eric for her Valentine's Day special, so she could use them on her flyers. We had taken some pictures earlier that week and he wanted nothing to do with smiling. I was worried he was going to do the same thing again, but I was wrong! He cheesed it up the entire time we were there and we got some amazing pictures! Here is a photo dump for Valentine's Day. I hope you enjoy! 

I have a bit of catching up to do!

It's been a long time since I've actually taken the time to sit down and write an entry. We have been very busy and then  my new post page would never load for some reason. Well, since the last time I wrote, several things have happened.

Eric snoozing on his first flight

We flew to Washington to be with the Moudy's for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful trip! We also celebrated our Christmas with them while we were out there. While we were waiting at MCI airport, we had a little time to kill before boarding the plane. I put a blanket and some toys down on the floor for Eric to play with and out of nowhere, he decided to crawl!! I was so excited! John and Nance really seemed to enjoy the visit with Eric. This was the first time John got to meet his only grandson and he seemed impressed. He carried him around and played with him a lot. This was also Eric's first time on a plane. I was very worried that he would have a hard time, but he did amazing!!

Eric also got his first tooth just a couple of days before Christmas. I had no idea that it was in either. I was watching him and he started biting my camera case like crazy, so I stuck my finger in his mouth. Sure enough, there was a tiny little tooth on the bottom! The second tooth came in one week later.
His first time meeting Santa!

We went to Cabela's a few weeks ago with my dad to just look around. We took Eric through the aquariums and he absolutely loved it! Each time on of the larger fish would swim by, he would put his hand on the glass as if he was trying to touch them. He would just squeal with happiness.

Watching the fish at Cabela's

Eric's first Christmas was absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed watching him open all of his gifts, well more like tearing and then eating the paper. The excitement on his face when he got a new toy to play with was so precious. Our cousin Becky gave him a little blue stuffed elephant. He played with that thing all night long! He did excellent between all the different get togethers we were attending. He was such a social and happy baby!

We had Eric's 9 month appointment two weeks ago. The little guy is now up to 19lbs and 26.5"! I can't believe how much the little guy has grown in just 9 months. It almost doesn't seem real! He crawls like a champ, pulls up on everything, and is trying to stand up without any assistance at all. I just wish he would slow down a little bit sometimes! He really loves foods like green beans, banana, oatmeal, carrots, and yogurt. He isn't very fond of fruit at times, but he will eat it.

 He can only say "mama" as of right now, but he is starting to make other sounds such as, baba, paaaa. We are trying so hard to get him to say "dada", but he just isn't quite there yet .He does make the most amazing bird noises and shrieks. I will post the video of it when my internet is working a little faster. He also is cutting teeth #3 and #4 right now. It has been pretty miserable, especially since he's had a horrible chest cold at the same time. He slept with us two nights because he was feeling so yucky.

He has changed quite a bit since my last entry. I love watching my little boy grow and learn new things each day. He is the best surprise that has ever happened to me.  I cannot believe that he will be 10 months old in less than two weeks! Where is the time going?!?

Well, I have a couple of posts that I am working on, mainly just photo dumps. I will do my very best to keep this updated from now on. Until we meet again....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Eric's 6 Month Photos

We had planned to do Eric's 6 Month photos outside at the Anderson House, but it ended up being so cold and rainy that day. We got an idea to just throw some pumpkins in front of a brick wall at my Grandma's house and had Eric sit in an old egg basket. I think they turned out pretty well! Here's a few of the best shots.

Eric's First Halloween

 I haven't really had the chance to update lately, but I am going to do my best to post more often. Last week we got to experience Halloween for the first time with our son. We originally picked out a bear costume for him. I bought it when I was only 3 months pregnant. Well, that didn't work out because it was locked in the trunk of our car that was in the body shop. Here are a couple pictures of the first costume. It was so adorable, but I'm ok that it didn't work out.
Our little bear!

Well, we decided to go Trick or Treating with my sister's family. We had a great time. We ended up getting Eric a zebra costume at the last minute. I think it turned out pretty well! So here are a few fun photos from Eric's very first Halloween!

My sister's family and us on Halloween.

Eric with his Godmother, Stephanie.

Our little zebra, just enjoying his stroller.

I had a great time too!

My nephew Owen as a skeleton!

This was Owen's first Halloween as well.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Could it be? 5 months for my Boogie?

Oh goodness... where is the time going?! Boogie a.k.a. Eric a.k.a. stinky love of my life, turned 5 months old on the 13th! I can hardly believe it. This little boy is growing up way too fast for me. It's been quite a while since I last updated, but I do have a good reason for that! My laptop bit the dust, that was a disappointment! Thankfully, Ryan is a computer genius and had been backing my computer up to a remote location and everything was safe! At first I thought I had lost every single wedding picture and all the pictures and videos of Eric since the day he was born. Not the case! They are all safe and sound!
Finally loving tummy time!

 Well, at lot has happened in the past two months, but I'll just hit the highlights to prevent writing a book. Little man is now 13.3lbs and 24.25" long. That means he has gained a pound and a half and grew 2 inches since his pedi visit a month ago. This little guy is on a mission to catch up! He changes every single day right before my eyes. I love it and it makes me sad at the same time. It is going way too fast. He got this shots last week and that was NOT fun. I didn't think these would be that bad, especially since he slept all day after his 2 month shot.

Still smiling with all those shots!

 Not the case. He was miserable, miserable, MISERABLE! Cried, fussed, screamed, had fevers, etc... It only lasted a couple days, but it wasn't pleasant. Ryan even slept in the basement because he knew Eric wasn't going to sleep. Well, he finally got over than and then Sunday night started sneezing a lot. Come Monday, he had a runny nose, sneezing, lots of spitting up, and a splotchy red face. I just thought he had allergies or was getting a cold. By Tuesday, he was running a fever and was extremely congested. We went to help my sister that day, since she was sick and my nephew Owen was getting sick too. Poor Eric couldn't keep a dry face between his nose and teething. By Wednesday morning, he began coughing, so I put a call in to his pediatrician. We got an appointment for Thursday. Turns out, he has strep and an ear infection!! My poor little guy is sick as a dog. The splotches on his face were a dead giveaway to the nurse and doctor that he had strep. I felt awful for him, no wonder he was so fussy! I really didn't think infants could get strep. I know it is pretty rare for it to happen, but strep is running rampant through the schools right now, so I guess it does happen. Well anyway, Boogie got an antibiotic and diphenhydramine. Within an hour of taking his first dose, he was already breathing better. He slept a lot, but I knew the medicine would make him sleepy. That's not a bad thing though. His poor little body needs the rest and so does this momma! He got his second dose tonight and is now resting peacefully.

Boogie finally got to go on his real first outing last month. Grandma, Aunt Anna, cousin Bella, Boogie, and I went to the KC Zoo for the day. It was a great day to go and Eric just loves Bella. He watches her all the time and she is fascinated with him as well. We finally got to use the stroller that Grandpa M. got us and it worked great! The car seat hooks into it and it is very easy to use. Eric hates the car seat, but he LOVED the stroller! We walked around for several hours and he didn't fuss once. When he got tired he just dozed off! Here is a picture of the little guy from his first trip to the zoo!
Wearing his froggies for the zoo!

We have a lot coming up withing the next few months and we are excited! We are going for our first weekend trip away in a few weeks. We are attending a friend's wedding out in Kansas. Boogie gets to stay in a hotel for the first time. We are also going to St. Louis at the end of the month. We'll see how he does on a three hour car ride, hopefully he sleeps most of it. I'll have to sit in the back to entertain him. We get his six month, yes, 6 month, pictures done next month. I cannot believe we are even getting close to that! I have a few things picked out that will make these pictures just as adorable as the last ones. He is pretty photogenic already, so that helps. Doesn't hurt having a photographer for a grandpa! We are REALLY looking forward to Grandpa & Grandma M coming out next month! John hasn't got to meet Eric yet, so this will be a really special event! I will have to take lots of pictures and videos for that! Then, we will be taking Boogie on his very first airplane ride for Thanksgiving. We are flying to Washington to be with Ryan's family. Ryan's brother and his family will finally get to meet Eric as well. I can't wait to see the girls either.

Well, I'll end this with just a couple pictures of the last couple months. I'll keep this a little more updated now that I have a better working laptop! Until we meet again!

Wore himself out!

First time eating solids - sweet potatoes!